RM 2.2 Protecting paid downloads within the resources section?


Hey guys,
I'm interested in offering paid resources within my community, but have a question around how best to prevent members from simply "sharing" the download link.

Apologies if this has already been discussed, I did search but wasn't able to find anything.

If I'm charging lets say, $99 for a resource, and someone clicks the buy button, then makes payment via a Thrivecart checkout page and that page redirects to a traditional link, is there any way of protecting that page/link?

Perhaps there may be someone who's already addressed this issue?

I'm just concerned that once someone downloads a paid resource, they'll just go about sharing the download link everywhere.

Even if you can protect the sharing download link you won’t be able to prevent malicious users to share the downloaded file.

Few weeks ago i was in the same mind to know how i could protect my add-ons… i already gave up.
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