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Thought I had reported this, however cannot find the thread.

Reported by a few of our collective members:

Intermittent ‘bugginess’ in the compose box on mobile devices.
  • Kind of like the communication between the software, the cursor and the keyboard gets scrambled at times.
    • Sometimes to the point of being unusuable.
    • This is happening for folks on different devices, brands and systems.
    • I’ve taken to jumping to a different app or browser when it happens to me and things are always fine there. Sometimes this even ‘fixes’ the issue. (Eg if I jump out of the compose box on chrome and go and type something in my notes app - then go back to the site on Chrome the compose box behaves ok again.
  • ON mobile devices you have to tap the compose panel buttons twice to get the option to appear (this didn’t happen the first couple of weeks of the new software - seems like something has changed there, like the first ‘tap’ behaves like a ‘mouse hover’.)
I also have a screenshot of a member's phone with keys being typed, without him typing. If you would like it pm'd, please let me know.

I'm assuming you already know about this issue, since it seems so wide spread.

Thank you.
This isn't anything we've had reported before. So if you can provide that screenshot, that'd be appreciated. We'd also need to know the specifics of the devices which are affected (even if it affects a number), such as the browser vendor, version, device manufacturer and model etc.
I'll ask our member rep to gather this data from everyone, and the screenshot has been sent to our conversation.
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