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RM 1.1 Random issue with other resource thumbnails being added to new resource


Active member
I am experiencing a random issue with creating resources.

I had some old resources so wanted to start again, deleted all of them rebuilt cache then started adding new ones. My problem is every time i create a new resource a random attachment is also added to the new resource. I tried rebuilding thumbnails but not luck any idea what might be causing it? As you can see from the screenshot their is an attachment with the pic title suzie i did not ad this to the newly created resource yet it appears on it. I can remove it if i edit the resource but non the less very annoying.
New Picture (2).png

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
How exactly did you "start again"?

There will be a right way of starting again that would clear up all old data. Then there would be a wrong way of doing it which would leave behind a load of data, such as attachments, that were previously assigned to a resource with the same ID.

Also, when did you "start again"?


Active member
I basically removed all resource by deleting them using moderation then removed all linked discussion posts then started creating new resources.