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ragtek vbseo likes importer



This "add-on" / importer imports your vbulletin vbseo post likes into xenforo post likes.

It's working perfect for me, but not for the customer who wanted this add-on :(
So try this at own risk:p

Attention, this is ATM only a beta version. Pls try it as first on your test board! ( I recommend to test always the import before you run it on your live forum! )


  • ragtek vbseo like importer_1.0.0 Beta1_b_1_en-US.zip
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The importer probably works for those who makes the transition to XenForo and does this vBSEO-likes import at the same time (or doesn't click "Complete import" after the forums/users are done).


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I couldn't find the addon in Options nor in Tools -> Import Extertal Data. It is listed on "Installed Add-ons" though. Does it support Vb4?

Thanks :D


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Is there a way to have this as just a 'likes' importer (not make it a part of regular importer) :) I've already done the import but want this to import the likes.


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I've imported them from my vB4.

But I build my own importer, don't know if this runs with vB4. It should.