Quotes / Code in Rich Text Editor

I am heavily interested in switching to XenForo, but I've got a question about the Rich Text Editor:
When I replied to posts, I saw that the Rich Text Editor doesn't show quotes or code in proper layout, but using the BBTags.

Is that normal? Or can that be changed?
If someone wants to see the BBTags, he can switch to BB Code Editor, but why does that happen in the Rich Text Editor?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Yes it is normal, and no, it can't be changed.

It's just simply the case that some elements aren't immediately rendered to HTML. It wouldn't be impossible for it to be done, we just don't.

In terms of previewing a post before submitting, you can do that by clicking More Options... and then clicking the Preview... button.

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
And, as far as I'm concerned - I hope it never does if it even remotely resembles the mess that IPS has in ckeditor. Modifying/deleting quotes in that thing is a nightmare. I much prefer being able to see it and delete/modify it if I need to. Makes it much easier to quote individual lines in a post that you have quoted to address certain points clearly and concisely.