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Quizzes Mod - convert


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I have a quizzes mod that is fairly simple. It reads XML files that are uploaded to a quizzes directory. Passing or failing a quiz can add or remove you from groups.

This mod was for SMF. I need someone to convert it to xF.

Like I said, it's a fairly simple mod, but flexible. downside is, documentation is no longer available for it.



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Oh man, a quiz mod would be great.

Is it a quiz on a separate 'quiz page' or is it involving threads being started with the quiz and allowing folks to respond, etc?


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It's seperate. Shows everything on one page9all quizes, your scores on those quizes, and if you have the ability to retake(there are parameters to set time before a person can re-take the quiz).

The best thing about this quiz mod, is that I can create a quiz via xml, and upload it here for anyone to download and upload to use on there site. very easy to share quizzes with other users without having to type anything.

When creating quizzes, you can make them multiple choice or just a straight answer.