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Add-on vB mod conversion (paid)


Active member
I'm looking for someone with active releases (established) who is familiar and comfortable with both vB and XF, insofar as I need an XF equivalent (or improvement upon) an add-on I'm currently using in vB. This would not be something that could be generally released afterwards, as it's an adaptation of someone else's work who is simply unavailable (and unfamiliar with XF) before I would need to migrate my site to XenForo 1.2 upon final release.

The difficulty will depend, I'm sure, on the coder's ability to analyze the processes in this small mod (mostly gives extra function to a specific type of attachment in the post/thread structure, and interfaces with external software). Not being a coder, I'm sure there's a simpler way to describe that, but I would prefer to leave specifics to a direct conversation. Truly, I don't expect it to be a major undertaking, even if there may be ways to improve upon it (maybe tying it into RM, for example). Adapting some of the output to responsive will be important.

Shoot me a conversation if you're interested, and would like further detail.


Active member
Just to update, I have received explicit permission from the original author to have an XF equivalent produced for my site.

Have had no bites yet, and this is one of two obstacles standing in the way of leaving vB, so hopefully that the original author of the vB mod (and developer of the back end software) has given consent will open the door a bit.