Quickreply Registration for Guests


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Hi folks,

I'm looking to add a way for guests to be able to register for the site at the same time as creating a reply to thread (and perhaps also a new thread). I've introduced this on other forum software that I've used in the past and it made a huge improvement to registration rates.

There is already a suggestion thread for this and it looks like it was planned at one time, as Kier mentioned that just-in-time registration is coming sometime after 1.0.0. However, it doesn't look like it's coming in 1.2.0 (if at all), so I'd like to try and create an add-0n for time being.

Here's a mockup (screenshots in this post) of the sort of thing I'm aiming for:

Once the post reply button is hit, you're redirected to choose a password and enter your e-mail address, just like the current signup tab at the top of each page works. Once that's done, your reply is posted to the thread.

Does that sound like it may be relatively easy to code? It's probably out of my league to code as I'm a novice, but if anyone has some input on how to go about it, it may be something I can tackle and then release. :)


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Looks really nice Magnus!

I'm ideally after creating something that will allow a reply to be crafted first, so it would need to be stored temporarily. However, this may be a good option if that would be difficult to achieve.


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IMO, allowing a reply to be created and saved as a draft prior to prompting for registration is a bit misleading, and might be a turnoff. I would prefer something like my solution above, but after registration completed, redirected you back to thread you were looking at.