XF 1.5 Quick reply suddenly gone...


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I do not know what I am doing wrong, but I seem to be too stupid to find a way to activate the quick reply option in one of my subforums.

In all of my subforums it is visible, only in one specific subforum it is not and I do not know why and how I can reactivate it again.

The normal quote and rply with quote feature works and is visible.

Has anybody an idea what the reason could be? I just upgraded from 1.57 to 1.58, but I am not sure that this is the reason.



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Maybe the custom style that you are using needs to be upgraded too. Have you posted in its support thread or forum?

What about the default style, how does it appear there?


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The problem is with all styles/templates. And only in that section of the forum. In all other sections, quick reply appears.

It seems more that I have done something wrong someweher in the settings for that specific subforum. But I do not find it.

Is there somewhere in ACP an option to turn quick reply on/off for specific forums?

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On the pages which it doesn't load, check the browser console (bring up the browser developer tools using F12 and click on the console tab). This may reveal some information as to what is going wrong.

Do you have any content blockers enabled in your browser? Anything that may attempt to block ads or Javascript? If so, switch these off.

What is the name of the forum this occurs in? Does it definitely happen in all threads in that forum?

It happens in all styles, but does it happen with all add-ons disabled?

Finally have you enabled any server side optimisations such as those found with some CDNs such as CloudFlare? Anything that optimises scripts like Rocketscript or google pagespeed?


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update. I found the reason.

I did install after the upgrade the addon xenporta2. With that version of xenporta, you can decide within ACP, whether in the subforums for articles you want to allow still postings after your posted the article. I did not see this option yesterday.

So after enabling this option for "local comments" in the ACP of Xenporta2, everything is working fine again.

Thanks for the hint with the addons...