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RM 2.0 Quick question about RM

Hi there

I'm looking at purchasing RM to help promote my blog better on the forum.

Basically I have a forum at www.themoneyshed.co.uk and my blog at blog.themoneyshed.co.uk

I am wanting articles to appear on the front page of the forum in a more prominant way so that I can cross promote the content.

Is this something RM could help with. I know it says it does articles but what I really want is RM to take the RSS feed from the blog and promote it on the front page of the forum.


XenForo developer
Staff member
I don't think the RM would really suit your needs here.

It looks like you have some sort of RSS feed "widget" displaying now, which I assume is basically what you were really after.
There are no such widget available yet for xF 2 :(

Many people do ask for the same and not even single developer took it as project for developing addon