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Many forum systems include a forum jump menu. This is usually a popup-menu that allows you to jump directly from one area of the site to another, when normally it would require several navigational steps.

The forum jump menu tends to be implemented as a <select> element with javascript behaviour attached to it so that when you release the menu, you jump to the selected forum or site area.

However, doing it like this has a few of fairly major down-sides.

Firstly, in order to build the forum jump menu, the system needs to load theentire forum tree into memory and output it. On a board with a lot of forums, this can be quite an overhead.

Secondly, the use of a <select> means that you are not able to choose how to access the areas listed in the menu. They will be loaded into the same browser window/tab as you are currently using.

Thirdly, from a design stand-point, a <select> will expand to be as wide as the longest element in its menu, even when it is closed. This means that if you have a forum with a long name, or a particularly deeply-nested forum, your <select> may appear extremely wide, to the point of interfering with other page elements.

XenForo provides an enhanced version of the old forum jump, and in the process, gets around both of the issues described above.

Firstly, we only build the forum jump (or Quick Navigation Menu as we call it) when you need it. We don't waste time constructing the menu on every page, we wait until you ask for it.

Secondly, all of the links in our Quick Navigation Menu are actually regular <a href> links. This means that you can right-click them, middle-click them or work with them however you like in order to load the linked content the way you want it.

Thirdly, the Quick Navigation Menu is built with a standard template, so if you want to customize its contents and add links to non-XenForo areas of your site, or add-on functionality, it's as easy as a template edit.

Finally, we place the Quick Navigation Menu in an overlay that sits on top of the content. This allows us to work with a lot more screen real estate without interfering with the rest of the design.

And how do you access the Quick Navigation Menu? You just click the diminutive little gadget that sits at the right of the top and bottom breadcrumb units.

Job done.


Yea i noticed this its looking bloody awesome :) i love the quick nav its so much easier than scrolling down lots of forums u can now just click on to it :)


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I've been using the Quick Nav. quite extensively... I love what you've done with it Kier.


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Another great way in doing things.
Guys, you really open my appetite for learning more coding/designing.

Eric J.

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The quick navigation used by other forum softwares needed to be replaced a long time ago, lol. But at least it's finally happening.


Extremely good. Have implemented something similar on one of my forums and always wished why it wasn't done this way always. Great to see this as default feature.


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Awesome as usual, on a side note what constitutes using a lightbox vs the bluebox?
In general, if we are presenting content we use the light-coloured box whereas if we are presenting a form or choice we use the darker style.


I was always hoping to see this in VB. Nice job.
But I have an opinion. I think if you let the navigation menu slides down when you click on it "as in the Thread Display Options", it would be smoother and better faster.

Also, if we can click on the empty bar left of the icon
to open the menu, it would be easier.


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I was always hoping to see this in VB. Nice job.
But I have an opinion. I think if you let the navigation menu slides down when you click on it "as in the Thread List Display", it would be smoother and better faster.

It's not the same, read the first post to see why the Quick Navigation Menu is different and unique. It's not the same as Thread List Display (e.g. there is not <select> in the Quick Navigation Menu, Also it does not load only when it's called) and that's the trick.