XF 1.5 Questions regarding IPB 3 -> Xenforo 1.5 (->2.0)


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I made a test import from my IPB3 Board to Xenforo 1.5 and I come across some difficulties regarding how to proceed.

1. Some of the ipb BBCode did not get translated into xf BBCode. From what I saw, I have to use this tool https://xenforo.com/community/resources/post-content-find-replace.1549/ to replace the old BBCode with the new one. That in itself asks a lot of questions: a) Is there a list of ipb BBCode that I have to replace or do I have to go through every post and see what BBCode it replaced or not? b) Is there a list of replacements? I saw pages of discussions about what to replace old BB Code of ipb/vb with, mixed into eachother., but haven't found a simple list of replacements yet. c) if there is no a) and b) and I happen to upgrade to xenforo2, is there a tool to do the same in xf2?

2. Gallery thumbnails for imported albums were not created. Do I have to create thumbsnails for them in xf 1.5 or can I first go to xf 2 and do the same step there?

3. Is there anything else I have to take into account after importing that can or worst case cannot wait till after the upgrade to xf2? (e.g. redirecting old links seem to work with xf2 addons and can wait till later)

4. Xf 1.5 has no categories for albums, xf 2 has. If I import through xf 1.5 I lose all my sorting of albums into categories. Is there a tool/code out there with which I can still use the old database sorting and import it into xf2 later on? (got 6000 albums)

5. Regarding the importer. At some points I got logged out while the import ran. Could that cause data loss? Do I have to run it again? Any suggestions on which browser to use for that? Firefox seem to run sometimes into problems were it overloads and I have to close it and open it again to run normal (probably won't use it again for the import...). Overall I had to login a lot in the whole process while import was running for several reasons (overloads of browser, random logouts...). When I had to login again I was logged in sometimes for only ~20 seconds before it kicked me out of the admin control panel again, several times in a row (like 4 relogs in 2-3 minutes). Closing browser and opening it again stopped that from happening again for several hours, before it happened again. What might be the cause of this? Do I have to set a session length somewhere? Import duration was 12 hours for gallery (97.000 pictures), 7-8 for forum (450.000 posts).

Thanks in advance.