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Other Questions about payment gateway for resource manager

I plan to hire someone to setup a payment gateway for the resource manager, but I have some questions about what exactly I'll need to have coded.

1. There's already a payment gateway for charging users to pay to be placed in groups in the forums, will a completely new payment gateway need to be coded for the resource manager?

2. I'll need a place for users to add in their paypal email, would that work best to place it each time they add a new resourece, or should it be in some set location, so they only have to add their paypal email once.

3. After the file has been paid for, will it prevent users from hot linking directly to the download, or does the resource manager already handle that. What I mean I guess is will that have to be custom coded also, to prevent hot linking to it after the file has been paid for.

I attached an image to kind of show what I plan to do.

Note: If you feel this is a job you are capable of, please send me your quote by PM, thanks!

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