RM 2.2 Appearance Settings for Resource Manager


Hi all,

Sorry if I'm asking silly questions, but I've looked to see if I can find this through Google but have been unsuccessful.

Similarly to many other areas of the site, is there somewhere I can edit the appearance of Resource Manager through the Appearance > Style Properties?

For example, if I wanted to make the sidebar for a resource (where you have the Author name and number of downloads) wider, where would I find it?

I know I can go into the 'xfrm_resource_view' template and change it or add custom CSS, but ideally, I'd rather use Style Properties if they exist.

I've had a look in style properties to see if there is a section for them (similar to how you have a section for "XFMG: Appearance"), but there doesn't appear to be one, and I haven't found them through a bit of random searching around the current sections.

Thanks for any help/guidance you can all give on this :)
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