Questions about functions now and functions to come


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I run a Vb 3 forum and use it as a document library where I collect documents, categorise them, tag them and make them downloadable for my customers. Maybe a Forum program is not the optimal solution, but it works rather well. Now I am looking for my next upgrade, hesitating about whether vB4 is what I want.
Before buying xF for evaluation I have one question I cant find answer to anywhere else.
Is there (or will there be) a way to look at threads in different views? (linear, hybrid, threaded)
regards / PerOla


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I believe this has been asked before but there are currently no plans to implement threaded, hybrid or other views.


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XenForo has been heavily optimised for linear view. We have no plans to implement a threaded mode for threads in XenForo.

Liam W

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On another medium-sized vB forum I work at, I've never heard of any member using the threaded view.
I never used to like it, but I just started using it on a Lithium forum and it works well.

If it was the default setting, I'm sure people would've used it ;)

Chris D

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If it was the default setting I'd a) not buy the software and b) if I was using it I'd immediately turn it off if there was an option to do so.


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@Liam W, it may work well in some cases, but XenForo was designed for the view it has. It doesn't store enough information to implement it.