Can't find default var's and functions within Xen

Excuse me if this is a stupid question but after searching for an hour I still can't find it;

is there an overview of functions and variables that can be used when making a template? I found a post with some of them listed, but that's far from everything I guess.

What I want to do is simple; add a tweet button on the home portal for each submitted blog item. So I want to include the target URL for that tweet, but when I use {xen:link entries, $recentEntry}, I get the "local" url, like "entries/the-must-see-tedx-videos.4/", which is missing the whole part.

Now I guess there's an option to xen:link to enable the return of a 'full' URL, but that seems to be not documented anywhere (or hidden quite good :)).

Can someone help me out?


Sadly there's still no developer documentation, so the only way is to study the xenforo code & templates

All the templace code is scattered in various files, that's why you'll need to check the content of the whole XenForo_Template directory




Take your netbook/tablet, some beer or cocktails, go in your garden, enjoy the sun and instead of reading the newspapers/a book, study the xenforo code:D

Sadly that's the only way ATM because the xenforo developers are not interessted into helping the 3rd party developer community...