XF 1.2 Question ( not a problem ) about server error log

I was having problems with my server ( out of memory errors ) , I moved to a new dedicated server with 32 GB Ram and everything is going well
but after I moved to the new server I got a new type of errors such
'Usernames must be unique. The specified username is already in use.'
'Email addresses must be unique. The specified email address is already in use.'
'Please enter a name that is at least 3 characters long.'
'Please enter a valid message.'
these errors are normal errors , but should these errors be in "server" error log ?
why this type of errors was not showing on old server error log and now showing up on this server
is there a setting I can change to stop logging such type of errors ?
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These errors shouldn't be logged here. If they are, it likely indicates that there's a conflict or misconfiguration within PHP. We have seen opcode caches and optimization/debugging extensions (in PHP) cause things like this. I would recommend disabling these extension to see if the errors are removed.

Unfortunately, little can be done about this in XenForo. As the code is written, this should never happen; when a conflict arises with PHP extensions, it actually runs code diferently than as it's written.