Question About Your Cookies Notice


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Hi. Is this cookie notice new because I never noticed it before and in your cookies help page it mentions that you now use it for advertising. What advertising company are you using?

Our Cookie Usage

This site uses cookies for numerous things, including:
  • Advertising cookies (possibly third-party). If this site displays advertising, cookies may be set by the advertisers to determine who has viewed an ad or similar things. These cookies may be set by third parties, in which case this site has no ability to read or write these cookies.


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Check the wording ... "If this site displays advertising" (which XF itself doesn't, so it doesn't apply ... ;)).

Presumably the wording is there as a cover-all for us XF customers/site owners to use on our own sites where we may carry advertising. I'm guessing, but I expect this is part of the new page/template/phrase that will be introduced in 1.1.3 as per Mike's post.