XF 1.1 Question about upgrading and templates


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XenForo's default style is called "default". Let's say I have copied this style, renamed it to "MyStyle" and made a few changes in the templates. Now what will happen to "MyStyle" if a new XenForo version is released which includes template changes and I upgrade to it? Obviously those template changes will be applied to the "Default" style, but I assume "MyStyle" will remain unchanged?


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Thank you Yorick, you are one of the most helpful people here. Really appreciate it :)

hm.. if my custom template remains unchanged, why should people use TMS? I thought that the point of TMS is that you don't have to apply all changes to your templates again after an upgrade.

Jake Bunce

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If the template is customized from a previous version then changes from the default template will not be applied until you revert the custom template. The TMS takes care of that I think.