Add-on question about upgrade from Xenforo 1.1.3 to 1.4


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I've been running 1.1.3 since the very first day I started using Xenforo. But now I'm about to upgrade to 1.4. I know new features has been added to this new version and this in turn may conflict with/replace some of my existing add-ons that I run.

Now I would appreciate some help pinpointing the add-ons which I can remove when I upgrade to the latest version. I'm also aware that I have to check for add-on versions compliant with 1.4 in case I intend to keep them.

Here are my add-ons current installed:

Ad Manager 1.0 Beta 3.0.1

Advanced BBcodes Toolbar 3.1.5

Auto Follow on Registration 2.0

Bookmarks 1.1.2

Change Thread Starter 1.0

Conversation Essentials 1.1.2

Custom BBCode Manager 1.3.3

Developer Kit 1.0.5

Disable Cookie Help Page 1.0

Display UTC Time Helper 1.0

Friend Inviter 2.0c

Hide Memberlist for Guests 1.2.1

LiquidPro Core 1.0.1

LiquidPro Simple Forms 1.1.1

MassAlert 1.1.0

Member Card View Permissions 1.0

Moderator Essentials 1.0.3

New User Notification System 2.1

Nodes As Tabs 1.1.3

Notifications - powered by Gritter 1.4

Online Status 1.1

Post Ratings 1.4.0

Prefix Forum Listing 1.1.0

Profile View Count 1.3

Quick Reply Preview 1.3

ragtek Quote Post Conversation 1.1

Remove Title From Conversation URL 1.0

Sitemap for XenForo 1.2.0

Social Connect (Bundle) 2.2b

Stop Auto Linking Patch 0.9

Template Modification System 1.2

Thread Watchers 1.2

User Essentials 1.1.0

Users Awaiting Approval in Mod Bar 1.1

Watch Thread Permissions 1.0.0

XenForo Resource Manager 1.0.1

XenSocialize by GFNCoders 1.3.0 Patch 3

[8wayRun.Com] XenAtendo (Events) 1.4.6

[bd] Widget Framework 2.0.3

[] LinkedIn Share Button - TMS 1.1

[WMTech] - Maintenance Screen 1.0.3

[XI] Blog 1.0.0
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