XF 2.1 Question about upgrading to 2.2 when it's out.....


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So with 2.2 being around the corner, I'm wondering......

I have a pretty heavily modified XF on 2.1.x, i'm wondering what are the best steps to preserve my add-ons and settings when I ugprade to 2.2?

things I have like:
@Jaxel 's XenPorta 2 portal with a bunch of articles as well as his XenRIo Streams library with a bunch of added streams......
Gamer Porfiles (Twitch, Mixer, xbox gamertags, etc)

and then there's my theme and it's setting...... I just don't want to lose all of the streams I have in the stream library mostly, how would I go about preserving the settings when the add-ons are inevitably upgraded to XF 2.2?


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i assume it would be best to wait for add-on and theme developers to confirm support for 2.2 before making the switch. i would probably have to renew a couple of subscriptions myself because i am running pretty old versions of the add-ons that does perform complicated tasks on the board. they have been working fine on 2.1 but i would probably not take the risk on 2.2.


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I'll probably try it in my dev and see how the add-on and styles hold up. May even try some of the later betas or RCs. Worst case, I wait for them to catch up. All in Dev, though. Live will, of course, wait for the final release and for any necessary updates to my add-on.