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XF 1.2 Question about GROUPS and Permissions

Good Morning,

The installation for my move from PHPBB3 completed with almost no issues to solve at all. Started at midnight, done by 2AM. :)

Now for the work on permissions. The tutorial or post by Brogan "Implementing permissions across multiple user groups" is great. Thanks!

I still have a couple of questions.

I have a bunch of groups. (Quoted below) Some came from the PHPBB3 board. Others were
created by XF I presume.

I am looking for simplicity. I want 4 basic groups to begin with.
Those would be Registered, Global Moderator, Administrator, Super Administrator?

Are some groups pre-defined by XF that I should never delete?
Will XF be expecting to see some of these groups?

I need to stay out of trouble with permissions/groups so need to know which groups XF expects to
find? (I do understand the cumulative permission feature)

Share with me any advice or warnings you can think of. :)


  2. Delete...
  3. Delete...
    Steering Committee
  4. Delete...
    Unregistered / Unconfirmed Guest