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Putting XenForo Inside WordPress Install

Discussion in 'Server Configuration and Hosting' started by Ian Eberle, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Ian Eberle

    Ian Eberle Member

    I am planning on using WordPress as my front page and CMS for my XenForo forum. My goal is to make it somewhat like AquariumAdvice.com where they have the homepage with CMS content and then a /forum install. However, that particular site uses vBulletin Publishing Suite, I believe.

    Is it possible for me to install WordPress on the home directory and then install XenForo in a subdirectory /forums, so it's domain.com/forums? Or do I need to use a subdomain like forums.domain.com? Which is better for SEO and indexing? Will it cause WordPress or XenForo to give 404 errors?

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  2. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

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  3. Ian Eberle

    Ian Eberle Member

    Wow, they did a really good job getting the WordPress theme to look just like the XenForo one. That's very similar to what I'm going for :)

  4. nukedi

    nukedi Member

  5. Ian Eberle

    Ian Eberle Member

    What do you need a tutorial for? Installing XenForo inside a WordPress install or making the two themes look similar?

    I actually got mine all installed a couple of hours ago. They both still have the default skins and I haven't done a thing to them, but it's installed.

    WordPress: www.aquaticforums.net
    XenForo: www.aquaticforums.net/forums
  6. nukedi

    nukedi Member

    I need both, but first how to install xenforo inside a WordPress
  7. Ian Eberle

    Ian Eberle Member

    To install Xenforo inside WordPress:

    1. Install WordPress on the home directory like you normally would. So in my case, I would install WordPress on www.aquaticforums.net. Most web hosts have a one-click method for installing WP.
    2. Make sure WP is working properly on the domain.
    3. Use FTP to make a folder inside the WP install called "forums", "forum" or whatever you want to call it. This folder should be empty at this time.
    4. Add your XenForo files to the folder you just created.
    5. Make a new database for XF. DO NOT connect XF to the same database your WP install is on.
    6. Go to the install wizard for XF. In my case, this would be located at www.aquaticforums.net/forums/install
    7. Follow the directions there: insert database info, set up admin, etc.
    8. Make sure WP is still working on www.aquaticforums.net and then go to where you had XF installed - www.aquaticforums.net/forums and make sure the forums are there.

    That's it!
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  8. nukedi

    nukedi Member

    Thank you very much for tutorial::D

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