xenforo inside of wordpress (again)


I know this question have been asked before (because I searched). Still it was months ago, so now I'm worrying if its possible to put xenforo forum inside of wordpress. So that the forum is using the wordpress header and footer.

Currently I'm using xenscript to bridge to two together which works great. But I'm moving to Leet Press theme and my site would look alittle neater if xenfor was inside of wordpress. I still love wordpress for its outstanding content management and the many plugins. And xenforo is alot easier on the eyes than vbulletin.

Plus I'm not a coder or designer that's why I'm asking this question.

Thanks in advance!!!!


I've used that when it came out. But I like the style and functions of the LeetPress theme :/

Thanks though.


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Find a person doing XF styles to make that style for your forum then :D That's probably your easiest solution.