Benefits of Wordpress Home/Xenforo Forum vs Waiting?


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I am in serious need of a homepage using a wp theme called XenDynamic listed here.

But I would like to use another theme but still keep the same navbar/header as Xenforo. Basically it would be used just for pushing out news and organizing our own content instead of getting all mixed up inside Forum Threads.

I know Xenforo is on serious hold for development but there is not a great CMS that you can use for a certain layout one of us may need. So in my opinion I am seriously thinking about going over to Wordpress for the homepage but would need the header/navbar to be the same so it doesnt look like they have left the website. How possible is this?

What are the pros/cons of this?


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The answer depends on your skill level and willingness to take the time. Personally, WP on the front and linked to XenForo through XenScripts has been an up and down experience. The dev is very responsive, however, promoting a thread to WP is pending.

I opted to go the opposite way with my design, that is, make XenForo use the same header as WordPress. I also use XF for registration.

My biggest mistake - so far - has been to not use the EXTRA.CSS enough. I tried to use the styles properties first. It is now easier to adjust through the extra.css file.

FWIW, the styles & questions forum has very helpful members.