XF 1.4 Purge threads older than X days


One feature I very much would like to see is being able to set forums to purge threads older than a admin defined number of days.

This is awesome for news forums, event forums etc that don't want thousands of posts that have no relevance or search value.

I swear I saw a mod to do this once but I can't find it now. Regardless it would be preferred for it to be in the base package as a feature.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
It can be done manually using the Batch Update Threads tool in the Admin CP.

Just select the date depending on what criteria you wish to use:

It will find a list of threads and give you options to delete them, soft delete them or move them.
Interesting. Is there way for me to cron this to happen daily? Basically I would want to set a number of forums to purge and have it delete anything X number of days or older.
Nope, never did. I try to avoid add-ons as much as I can so I am just manually doing it every once in a while.

I still think it would be a good feature to have included in the base package though.