Batch update threads selection "older than"

Black Tiger

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We merged 2 forums.
As for one of the forum parts I needed to delete older posts like delete everything older then x time ago or older then x date.
There is no option for this.

There is a kindlike option to use, post between x and x, however, the starting x is limited to 2011, so you can't use this on anything older than 2011. I had to move and delete posts starting from 2001-2003 till now.

It's also good to move all threads older then XX to for example an archive forum. But still, we need a "older then" option or the 2011 base limit should be gone.

Black Tiger

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Ah... didn't know this was possible. I had clicked on that little calender icon, then the year and went back, but it did not go further then 2011.
So I didn't expect that manual entry would make any change because mostly on such cases it doesn't.

If entered manually now, it indeed goes back further even to 1990 etc. so that's better.

I revoke my suggestion as it's not needed. ;)