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Public user web page/profile add-on

My tasked project is to create a section of our Xenforo site where users can have their own mini-web page or profile. The Xenforo forum already has member profile pages built in, but what we need is an expanded version of those with the following functions:

- A static URL for each profile (IE, oursite.com/members/firstname.lastname)
- A page template that allows the user to post a small number of photos, their bio, links to their web site/social media pages, a social media widget embed (Twitter or Facebook feed) option, and contact information.
- The user needs to be able to edit their page as desired at any time.
- These pages need to be search-engine-indexable
- A main index page with both an alphabetical list of profiles and a search function.

Again, what I'm looking for is essentially "souped up" profile pages with static URLs that members can opt in to, giving them their own small web page as part of our main site. "Opt in" in the sense that if a member doesn't want their profile public in this fashion, they can choose not to participate (not a global change to the forum membership).

Ideally, I would like to find an Xenforo add-on that will allow current authenticated users to opt-in to this feature, create their page and customize it. I've searched through these forums and the add-ons section extensively, but have not seen anything yet that might work. Thanks!