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What is your opinion that these features in Version 2 XF plugin resources?
  1. Add share buttons, add to favorites and reporting source
  2. Add slider at the beginning of the source of the source images
  3. Show points(star) to a source in Google search
  4. Change the way you rate the resources(More specifically this feature)
  5. Change the way you view categories
  6. , ...
I think Joomla site, could be a good example!

Thank You
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As with your other thread, suggestions should be limited to one per thread.

It's possible that some of these have already been made, so you should like the first post and add your comments as appropriate.


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I do not understand

Should not I send the proposal?
Brogan is saying that each suggestion should contain only 1 idea in it (as it's easier to track). Your post above has at least 6 suggestions (potentially 8/9 as the first point contains multiple parts). So really you should re-post each one of these in multiple suggestions.

It would also be worth, when posting each suggestion, to give some more explanation both for the devs as well as other members to help them understand what you are suggesting. Some of your suggestions I don't currently understand (e.g. 3) and others (e.g. 4, 5) you don't explain how or why they should be changed. So if you re-post these, include some more information to make them clearer.