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Hey guys,

I'm new to XenForo and I started modifying a custom theme to adjust it to my liking and match it with a WP theme that will server as a CMS counterpart to this forum. Anyway, you'll probably see me alot now since I'm starting to understand the system..I come from VB and it's like coming from Windows to the Mac, the Mac is easier, but you're always looking for the longest path.

Anyway...I've started to edit the css for this XF theme and I've noticed that there are some propreties (i think they're called) called in those css files.

For example: height: @headerTabHeight;

My question is simple, where/how can I find those variables to edit them?

and one more thing, is there a tutorial around here to understand better (and faster) the templating system?

Tnx alot
Use ACP Search, e.g. navTabLinKhover

If you open a Style Properties menu and hover over the title on the left, the property name will display.

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