XF 1.5 promotions


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i have some problem with user promotions that really puzzles me. for example i set users of registered group with 50 posts + to be promoted to regulars but only 250 are promoted although 800 have over 50 posts. does it work for only active users or what ? i rebuild the caches and run the cron and still nothing.


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If you ran 'Rebuild User Group Promotions' then inactive members will also have been promoted.

Anyone who hasn't been promoted must not have met the criteria.
i have the same problem atm
i set up a promotion and "upgraded" people
now i added a simple requirement to that promotion, that they need to be in a certain group already to hold this "upgrade"
and i run the 'Rebuild User Group Promotions' but the users do not get "downgraded" and they clearly are not in the group i set as requirement.