As designed Promotions on session creation


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I was waiting for a 1.2 feature that is Trophy and promotions are now automatically applied on session creation. I am trying to make this work like that, and it just promotes users when the cron runs.

I don't know if there is one option for this, if there is can't find it, but for me the user promotions aren't being applied on user / session creation, i tested with several registers, valid accounts, user verification turned off, logout/login, etc... The promotions were only applied when the cron did run. I did this with a custom user field based promotion.
The trophies work just fine on session creation.
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So this is partially as designed -- basically, the promotions (and as of the current beta, trophies) don't update too often. In theory, you could have caused it to update quite a lot by constantly creating sessions (and to some degree, in certain situations, you may be able to).

The code will let the cron handle things if you've been active in the last 30 minutes. This generally means that we've already run the promotions recently so a small delay won't be specific. When logging out, your last activity is set to the current time, so logging back in won't force it.

It doesn't appear to have run on registration for the same reason, but I'm now forcing that.


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@Mike well if as you said it runs on the first session creation (registration) it can work just fine to add people to the correct usergroup by promotion depending of the custom field option. ;)