XF 2.2 Will clearing the logged in cookie close the session on refresh

Tom McIntyre

Active member
We are merging the user interface on our XenForo, Wordpress and iMIS sites.

I want to use the mechanism of clearing the cookie carrying the logged in status for XenForo in the user's browser. All three environments use the domain level for their cookies and the intent is to use a single cookie to mark the status with the remember option when logging in from any of the sites.

iMIS uses a URL that carries a passthrough return URL to do the log off which would be invoked from the logoff button on the XenForo site and return to the page that was displayed when the button was clicked.

Most of our users are active from private workstations or mobile devices and stay logged in between sessions. The goal of this feature is to clear that status when the user feels the need.

I thought I would ask here before doing a deep dive into the system.
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