XF 1.5 Loosing session in ACP on nginx


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So, migration is now approaching...

We just setup EC2 + RDS instance on AWS, with Amazon Linux, nginx and PHP 7.1.7
basic_auth to protect the installation.

Fresh XF1.5 installation was fine, Xenforo is there and usable, no errors.
  • But when using ACP, installing addons aso. I really often loose backend session. Clicking on some (but not all) menu poins in ACP -> have to re-login.
  • Choosing addon-xml to install, loading begins, when refreshing to run-deferred -> have to re-login. After it installs fully.
  • It's not a question of time - sometimes I can do several things in backend. Then suddenly, new menu point -> have to re-login.

User frontend seems to be fine. Same user keeps logged in in forums frontend.

So, this is something new to us, but we are fresh on AWS and nginx.

Any idea why this could happen, please?


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Sounds like your IP is being seen as a load balancer IP, rather than your real IP. If you look at PHP info output (admin.php?tools/phpinfo), what IP is shown for _SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]? If that's not your real IP, do you see your real IP around that area? What's it in?


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Just to let you know: thank you, yes it worked. We had the AWS loadbalancers not correctly set up / used wrong ip.
Works now perfectly!