Promoting a new forum with Adwords.


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I want to start a new forum to discuss local issue in the town as well as a general discussion forum.

I have some content that I can build on, that being 3 controversial planning application approvals and the proposed development of a new local Gypsy park on green field land.

I have £350 of Adwords I can use, how best can I utilise them to promote my forum?

Sadik B

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Adwords is more of an art than science. And it requires practice and experience to get it right. I used Adwords for my SplendidPoint Forums and used it well... Now I have about 25-30 people online all time... but Adwords can quickly gulp up all your money id u don't get it right. My advice would be to ensure that your campaign, Ad titles and keywords are perfectly aligned with your landing page (similar titles as far as possible) and target as specifically as possible and review your campaign regularly and keep making modifications until you can come to a proper ratio of CPC to CTR.


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Can I have that in English please. :D
He is basically saying(literally this is as basic as I can make that)
Make sure your ads match your website's main/primary/immediately visible goal(s)(keywords/titles).
Also, make sure that your CPC(cost per click) is at a decent ratio with your CTR(Clickthrough Rate).

I hope this helps...I might have changed a bit of what he meant(maybe) because I had to rewrite it in "English" whatever that is...