Profile Tabs padding.


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This is something that I've always had to modify when installing add-ons that create additional tabs in profile and found they broke onto another line (mainly on fixed width styles) so rather than hijacking this thread with the suggestion I thought i'd create a new thread making the suggestion. (screenshot really explains it).


John L.

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Good suggestion, I have also wondered about the need for such a wide tab. I am more partial to the margin being included, but either or would do nicely :).


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I would rather go with 1-2px margin but 5px padding on both the sides is perfect (for me). :)
Yeah this is purely preference. Perhaps this could go in as an option in the style properties? so people could easily change the padding and margin to their preference. I haven't checked if that option is indeed in the style property area, if not, I think it might be a good idea to include it.