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Profile Pulldown all underneath



Hello. The menuColumns of my accountPopup are all underneath not in two columns as it should be, but i dont know why?!

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
Probably a style issue. You can confirm this by testing it on a default style. Create a new style with no parent:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Styles -> Create New Style

Then select that style on your forum. If the problem goes away when using the new style then you know it's a problem with your custom style at which point you need to isolate the problem.


Hm Hm Hmm... i will need to take alook into it. thanks for the hint.
Well. Found the Problem. Because of setting the width of the sidebar by myself (extra.css),
I have to reset the width ot the Profile Pulldown too
This helped
#AccountMenu { width: 276px; }
Thanks Trombones 13

You can add it again ;) Works all fine now. But please. I can find errors only if u tell me. Deleting my Templates changes without any comments after finding errors will not help


Well-known member
I removed the template edit because it broke the user menu, and it was on my todo list to report the bug later today :) Anyways, thanks for fixing the problem :)


hehe no problem. it wasnt me who fixed that, but you´re welcome and thanks for the hints ;)