XF 1.5 Profile post comment improvements


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Suggestions should be made in the Suggestions forum. These threads are specifically for talking about the new features being introduced.
Yeah, but while you are clearly working on profile posts, why don't you just add the most basic configuration, that was requested on here many times?
What could be more basic then to turn on/off a feature? Why are we forced to have profile posts?

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Yeah, but while you are clearly working on profile posts, why don't you just add the most basic configuration, that was requested on here many times?
What could be more basic then to turn on/off a feature? Why are we forced to have profile posts?
We do what we can, we can't implement everything.

A suggestion already exists for it but I wouldn't say it is something that has been suggested very often.

If we implemented everything we wanted to, it'd be a long time before we get back to developing XF 2.0 and when we do we'd have a lot more to do to implement everything we'd just added to XF 1.5.

But, regardless, this isn't the thread to discuss this. Suggestions can be discussed in the appropriate forum.


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Compared to profile posts themselves, profile post comments have been missing tools for user interaction and moderator management. XenForo 1.5 sorts this by adding an array of new, but familiar, functionality to profile post comments.

This screenshot should give you a good idea of some of the changes :)

View attachment 108196

Ability to like profile post comments
This is actually specifically one of the most popular suggestions and is pretty self explanatory. Profile post comments now support the like system.

Of course if someone likes your comment, you get an alert just as you would expect:

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And we have also added support for comments appearing in the News Feed / Recent Activity:

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Soft deleting profile post comments
Until now the only way to remove profile post comments is to permanently delete it. In XenForo 1.5 we are bringing the ability to soft delete comments in the same way you can soft delete profile posts and other content:

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View attachment 108200

Ability to search profile post comments
Profile post comments are now indexed and are searchable from the global "Everything" search or from the Search Profile Posts tab on the search page:

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If you decide to search for profile post comments, you will see these alongside the results for profile posts.

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After XenForo 1.5 is installed, we will begin to index any new profile post comments. Remember to rebuild the search index to have your existing comments indexed too.

Other improvements
As I'm sure you would expect, we have now also implemented the remaining content-based controls that you see on most other content types:

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Here's a summary:
  • Comments can now be reported
  • They can be undeleted (if soft deleted)
  • They can be approved/unapproved
  • Profile post comments have always been subject to spam checks, but now they have support for the moderation queue rather than blocked completely.
  • Moderator actions on profile post comments are now logged in the Moderator Log
  • Warnings can be issued on comments
  • And you can trigger the spam cleaner from a comment and the comments can be soft deleted (and restored) via the spam clean process.
That concludes what we have to show you in terms of improvements for profile post comments. We are excited to show you even more stuff next week! :)
With these improvements, does it also include a consolidation of new alerts for comments on the same profile posts, as detailed in this thread? https://xenforo.com/community/threads/prevent-duplicate-alerts-for-profile-post-comments.80932/


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:( I really think this is an improvement that should be added to 1.5. It's small improvement to the profile post comments and it would be very useful for moderators and administrators of large forums. It's annoying when I have 75 alerts and 45 of them are all comments on the same profile post.

I would really love to see this in an upcoming release!


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Your news feed is different to the recent activity feed.

Your news feed is for people you follow.


I realize that this is controlled through the profile post permissions as stated above, but is there a way to disable the ability to like comments by editing the member_view template for certain usergroups, or to remove the feature entirely? I'm trying to keep the ability to like profile posts, but not comments.

Chris D

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It's possible probably to remove it from the profile_post_comment template. Otherwise no.

It would be trivial for an add on to implement comment specific permissions, though.