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Currently when a member deletes their profile picture, its gone forever. But previous profile pictures are interesting to see for members. What I suggest is to display previous profile pictures in a mini gallery. This can be displayed as a sidebar block.

Of course it should still be possible for members to delete their profile pictures. But a change in profile picture should not lead to deletion of the old profile picture.

I think this would help liven up xenforo profiles.
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What are "Profile Pictures" in XenForo? I only remember them from vBulletin.

Besides that, I am not sure if this would be a good idea - especially if images are removed for legal reasons you really do not want them to still be available, so this should at least be optional per user and default to off.


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Profile pictures are avatars. Removing a profile picture should always lead to deletion of the image. But uploading a new profile picture should not automatically delete the previous one.