Add-on Profile page displays forum posts (snippets)


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This idea comes from using a ning based site and how enjoyable it was - as good as XF!!! But its goodies could easily be done on XF.
Recent Activity on the XF Profile tab needs to show openly on the front of the Profile page, together with the current Profile posts + comments, in latest item date order.

The personal description currently hidden under yet another tab could be another snippet with Read more ... at the top of the wall. (The link opens the current Information tab.)
Since Recent Activity includes Postings those two tab sections become unnecessary.
No more tabs hiding stuff away. Snippets are much more helpful as you can see a bit of what the stored material is like.

A few refinements.
Profile posts after the current one, and any replies to them, would need a highlight, or border or something to make them stand out differently.

If a thread gets more posts after I post on it, or Watch it, there could be a link "More posts ..." next to Read more ... on my posts on the Profile page. A new Watched thread would display a strter snip too.

This is so good because it means I can easily see all my activity in one place NOT hidden behind a dratted tab AND other people can too. It would make the Profile page so much more powerful.

Anyone up for it?