XF 1.1 profile message appears in popup profile


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is this normal that if I type a message in my profile, this message appears in my popup profile? It seems that I can see it, but noone else. If someone else is typing a mesage in my profile, it does not show up in the popup profile.

Is this a bug or has this some benefit I am overseeing at the moment?
That is normal. That is your "status".

That may fall under your profile privacy settings:


But it diplays the last profile message for everybody visible. My users want other users to be able to post to their profile with a message, but do not wnat the last message in their profile shown in this overlay-short profile.

I do not find in the privacy settings an option to disbale this. Probably by turning off profile messages completely, but this is not what they want. We need something that unlinks both display options


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