XF 2.2 User profile: message and discussion cannot be filtered

Sorry, I think this is a basic feature, especially for moderators. When I enter the user profile from the forum, its contents, Messages and Discussions are displayed all together, not making it clear which are the messages and which discussions started by the user.
There is no filter. How does a moderator quickly find ONLY a user's threads or, ONLY posts?

to make matters worse, the search tool does not solve the problem. If I search for "Discussions" and insert the nickname on "Posted by" the result is a disaster, discussions published by everyone come out.

Immagine 2022-12-07 090310.png

Results with discussions started by any user... don't understand with which criteria and order are listed here but... NO ONE corresponding to the nickname i've inserted in the search setting above...
Immagine 2022-12-07 090359.png
Oh I misunderstood you only want user created threads...
You can't do that globally but you can do it per forum :

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yeah, i see, this is not a good way to find contents for moderators...
vbulletin has "user messages" (showing ALL messages, not discussion title but single messages in order per date) and "user discussion" (showing just the title of the discussions published by that users, excluding so all the messages, just the discussions) with an in-line moderation too, of course. Very very usefull