Profile Covers


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Members are used to adding profile covers as all other social media networks offer them to upload their own covers to profiles, it also adds extra customization per profile.
  • Let users be able to upload profile covers and have the ability to position the cover just like in the avatar editor
  • Have the cover be responsive friendly (like facebook)
With 2.0 profiles looking more modern and a lot better, profile covers will be amazing.

I tried searching for an existing suggestion but there wasn't one.

The cover can look like something it does on Facebook/Twitter, with a little part of the avatar on the bottom of the cover and rest of the avatar outside the cover, with username - user title and current activity right next to the avatar on top of the cover and the rest details as it is in 2.0 profile pages.


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Here's a sloppy/quick mock-up of how it could be done on desktops, the same would then be resized (as part of responsive, like how Facbeook does too) for smaller screens.

Of course, a minor change would be required for user profiles on mobiles so that the avatar isn't smack center of the cover but rather just at the lower portion of the cover.



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Profile Cover is a must thing nowadays, I'm currently using an add-on which is not supported and not up-to-date anymore, please add this in XenForo 2.0


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We have an add on on our community for Profile Covers , it will be great if we can get rid of the add on and use this as a built in feature.


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Since you are bringing 2.1 and all these cool features. It would be really good to add profile cover photos as a core feature. There is already the space for it on the profile page, just need to add the function.