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There is a feature that’s I would like to bring to XenForo from ips community suite is the registration profile wizard process.


I am not a big fan of quick full registration page as its doesn't look very professional feel and I have received few complaints about the registration process on both of my website. That’s including XenShop and CountriesXL!

with few extra requirements:
  • Support optional social login display during wizard page
  • Display profile completion wizard after you login or register
  • Display upload profile cover and avatar during wizard page
  • API Endpoint
  • Integration XF User Fields
  • Create profile completion wizard page
  • Skip this step button!

here a screenshot from IPS Community Suite


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Getting people to register is already difficult enough, adding additional hurdles through a longer registration process is a good way to annoy people.

I use the onboarding add-on, however most of the steps are optional, and we provide incentive to complete all steps. This allows people to do it at their own pace, and has shown a noticeable uptick in completion of steps.

On the other hand, I have seen the opposite happen when you try to add a lot of steps to the registration process, because people generally do not even want to register on sites in the first place.

A good example of this is with purchasing add-ons; there has been add-ons I am interested in purchasing from one or more developers, but because their registration process is more complicated than I want to deal with I just do not bother with them (this is outside of the normal validation step).
I agree with Brogan. If any site tried to make me got through anything other than a quick signup, I'm leaving and not coming back. Don't waste my valuable time - it does nothing to improve my user experience.
Hi @Brogan

I don’t understand what’s do you mean and I was just suggesting this feature for improving XenForo forum software?
mate i can see what you're trying to do here it may not work because people don't like having that forced upon them.
If it happened to me i'd be complaining to the site management about it and also reporting them to their host for breach of privacy.
Yea, if its required, I wouldn't want to stick around. If its optional, I may consider it.
The main issue is it being added as registration steps (during or post registration); it being completely optional, in the way that the onboarding plugin, is a different matter.

One of the primary rules of user experience (and thus engagement) is to not add unnecessary hurdles to the experience of what the user wants to do.
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