Lack of interest Process HD/Retina display screenshot data conveniently

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Just a thought: With Retina and double to triple pixel density devices becoming more and more common (not only phones and tablets but also with laptops and desktops), picture upload should automatically process the resolution ratio into the uploaded picture file attachment or otherwise end up with pictures big as the desktop screen itself instead. This is not very pleasant in discussion lists and not so tech savvy users can not be forced to process pictures to smaller resolutions before upload.

The upload could prompt for having the picture uploaded in three ways:

1) Full resolution @ 72dpi (huge picture but 72dpi)
2) Original Size but with higher density (thus higher dpi but preserving the original viewport dimensions)
3) Downsized, as in having the original dimensions but downgraded to 72dpi (thus preserving disk space)

Pictures are "bigger" than words... I will upload a screenshot so you can sense how this could be unpleasant for longer threads.
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