xen media gallery optimization

  1. VanillaNeko


    Hello, I think it would be nice to review the posting of categories. It would be nice to have the categories display in tile mode and have as information the name of the category and the number of media available in the category. Like this example: Do not hesitate to give your opinion...
  2. Freelancer

    Lack of interest Process HD/Retina display screenshot data conveniently

    Just a thought: With Retina and double to triple pixel density devices becoming more and more common (not only phones and tablets but also with laptops and desktops), picture upload should automatically process the resolution ratio into the uploaded picture file attachment or otherwise end up...
  3. Sadik B

    MG 1.1 Media Gallery performance

    Hi I have just imported a 4 million images bespoke solution into Xen Gallery through a custom CLI importer I wrote. The import was the easy part, but now I am having a hard time. For starters, the rebuild thumbnails has been running for two days now and keeps hanging in between. I am going to...
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