1. D

    Lack of interest Retina attachments

    I was wondering if maybe XF could support retina for attachments. Two main way I can think of but maybe something better Im not familiar with. 1. Read in the EXIF data, find out if Pixels Per Unit X is larger than Image Size X - if they are divisible by a value greater than 2, floor to nearest...
  2. Amin Sabet

    Unmaintained Make a retina-friendly logo

    Many sites don't include a retina-friendly logo. It's very easy to do and, IMO, makes the site look much nicer on a retina-ish screen (screens with very small pixel pitch). Here are the steps assuming you're using a default or close to default style: 1) Set your Height of Header Logo (Style...
  3. Amin Sabet

    Unmaintained Retina-ready Favicon

    I noticed a lot of sites (including are still using low-res (16x16) favicons. Just wanted to spread the word about a website I stumbled across that will make it incredibly easy to have a retina-ready favicon and more. Just follow the instructions...
  4. Freelancer

    Lack of interest Process HD/Retina display screenshot data conveniently

    Just a thought: With Retina and double to triple pixel density devices becoming more and more common (not only phones and tablets but also with laptops and desktops), picture upload should automatically process the resolution ratio into the uploaded picture file attachment or otherwise end up...
  5. rafass

    Lack of interest Duplicate the size of "xenforo-ui-sprite.png" [Retina improvements]

    The actual sprite is very small and the icons looks very blurry in retina devices. Xenforo sprite: Using something like (dp): And resizing with zoom: 0.5; will looks much better: After: Before: Browsing from retina devices de difference is really huge.
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