Problem with renewing my license

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I have been waiting for my problem to be resolved for two days.

Yesterday (2021-06-09), I paid for the renewal of my Xenforo lincence that I have since 2015. The money has been debited from my Paypal account but I never received my order. Paypal says that the money is blocked with you and you tell yourself that it is Paypal that is blocking the money and you refuse to contact Paypal to solve my problem.

I opened a ticket with Paul Brogan with all the details and proof of payment.

I would like a solution to be found, thank you in advance.


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This is currently being handled by ticket.

We don't discuss account related issues in the forum.

However, I will just add that we have zero control over PayPal withholding payments - it is entirely up to them how long they hold them for and when they release the funds to us, after which time the license/extension is created immediately and automatically.
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