Xenforo stole my license

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Xenforo stole my license and tries to force me to send ID.
I have an expired xenforo license since 2017 where i wanted to login where access have been denied.
I contacted support asking to reenable my access because i would like to use the software for a new project.
The domain i used for registration expired in dec 2022 and will be first avaibable in june 2023 for backorder.
I told them to verify me by IP and the phone number which was added from the beginning.
Support denies to verify me via phone demanding my ID.
I told them i will never send my governmental ID to a private company because thats what xenforo only is who has no authority or even the legal infrastructur to demand my ID.
Xenforo is of course allowed to proof me wrong to show their certificates to be allowed to store governmental ID which is required by law.

If xenforo doesn't want me to give access to my account with the stupid claim i gave access to a 3rd party i will demand refund because i can't use the product.
In terms of service i agreed on there was never anything about sending ID.I would never by a product from a private company where i may be forced to show ID.
I care about my privacy and seeing the lie that i gave access to a 3rd party only confirms my concerns to not send my ID to private companies.
Xenforo has my IP which didn't changed for 6 years and my phonenumber which also didn't change and authy on my phone for 2 phase verification.
So stop BS and give me back access to my account or REFUND me my money


You can't force people to send their governmental id if they don't want to.
You have no authority to do so.
You stole my license by only reopening my account when receiving ID.
This is forcing someone to do something which he doesnt want to and you have no authority to demand that

The license is mine and i want access to it or a REFUND

Nicolas FR

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You won't solve anything by posting your problem on this forum. And you won't convince anyone that XenForo is stealing from its customers.
You have opened a ticket for your problem, continue to communicate through it, hoping that you find a solution.


I will post it everywhere.

They are allowed to show me proof they have the authority to demand a copy of my governmental ID
After that they can show me their governmental certificate to be allowed to store these kind of data in special equipments.


I call them simply scammers.
I'm the legit owner by law and paid for it.
And they refuse to let me use my bought license forcing me to send them ID which i'm not willing to do and which they have no right to forcefully demand by restricting my account.
I don't send ID to anybody via internet which won't change with xenforo

If they don't reopen my account they basicly STOLE ME $160 based on nonsense demands which i'm not required to fullfill
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