Won't fix Problem with Remove Formatting Button in Editor


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When I ctrl + v formatted text into the text editor, then ctrl + a, then click the remove formatting button in the editor toolbar, it often doesn't remove formatting all over but instead I need to highlight again and click e.g. bold icon multiple times.

See below recording for demonstration.

I can reproduce this here on xenforo.com too (below recording taken on xenforo.com community).



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At this point, I don't think we're going to make any change here. It is a bug, but it has several mitigating factors:
  1. It appears to be Firefox only (or at least I couldn't reproduce it in Chrome).
  2. It's fairly specific based on exactly what is selected. Pressing enter and then doing any sort of selection resolves the issue.
The selection detection code is not easy to work with, to say the least, so we'd be more likely to see more significant regressions from a change here.